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Robinson Crusoe Questions for Study and Discussion

'Robinson Crusoe' Questions for Study and Discussion Robinson Crusoe is the famous first novel by Daniel Defoe. A young man is shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. Its the stuff dreams are made of, but theres more to it than that. Here are a few questions for study and discussion. Discussion Questions What is important about the title?What are the conflicts in Robinson Crusoe? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) did you notice in this novel?How does Daniel Defoe reveal character in Robinson Crusoe?What are some themes in the story? How do they relate to the ​plot and characters?What are some symbols in Robinson Crusoe? How do they relate to the plot and characters?Are the ​characters consistent in their actions? Which of the characters are fully developed? How? Why?Do you find the characters likable? Are the characters persons you would want to meet?How do loneliness, fear, and isolation affect (and shape) the characters?Does the novel end the way you expected? How? Why?What is the central/primary purpose of Robinson Crusoe? Is the purpose important or meaningful?How essential is the setting to the story? Could the story have taken place anywhere else?How important is friendship and/or camaraderie to Robinson Crusoe?Compare/contrast R obinson Crusoe with other works by Daniel Defoe? How does Robinson Crusoe fit into Defoes body of works? Would you recommend Robinson Crusoe to a friend?

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qreew essays

qreew essays The composer of some of the most influential pieces of music ever written, Ludwig van Beethoven created a bridge between the 18th-century classical period and the new beginnings of Romanticism. His greatest breakthroughs in composition came in his instrumental work, including his symphonies. Unlike his predecessor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for whom writing music seemed to come easily, Beethoven always struggled to Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, and was baptized on Dec. 17, 1770. (There is no record of his birth date.) His father and grandfather worked as court musicians in Bonn. Ludwig's father, a singer, gave him his early musical training. Although he had only meager academic schooling, he studied piano, violin, and French horn, and before he was 12 years old he became a court organist. Ludwig's first important teacher of composition was Christian Gottlob Neefe. In 1787 he studied briefly with Mozart, and five years later he left Bonn permanently and went to Vienna to study with Joseph Haydn and later with Beethoven's first public appearance in Vienna was on March 29, 1795, as a soloist in one of his piano concerti. Even before he left Bonn, he had developed a reputation for fine improvisatory performances. In Vienna young Beethoven soon had a long list of aristocratic patrons who loved music and were eager to help him. In the late 1700s Beethoven began to suffer from early symptoms of deafness. The cause of his disability is still uncertain. By 1802 Beethoven was convinced that the condition not only was permanent, but was getting progressively worse. He spent that summer in the country and wrote what has become known as the "Heiligenstadt Testament." In the document, apparently intended for his two broth ...

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The Effects of Change on an Organization, in Particular the Learners Essay

The Effects of Change on an Organization, in Particular the Learners Services Department and Sustainability of the Changes - Essay Example So once change is made in the Learners Services Department, it must be maintained for effective functioning. This change, together with it, brings pain and insecurities that force human beings or persons to come out of their comfort regions to regions of uncomfortable discussions, and this guides to resistance to change. Central Bedfordshire College ability to improve is acceptable. The new executive and principal teams of the college must have an apparent strategic vision to make changes. They involve every personnel in planning how this is executed so that proceedings impact positively on learners. How efficiently and competently the top leadership and management inside the organization address these matters or issues, and how well they get ready in handling the resistance will decide the confidence of the organization, and its achievement in executing change. The significance of good communication scheme and the role it plays in creating change processes soft and less painful, or sore by cannot be undermined. The appointment of the latest principal, managers, every governors and workers are completely involved in building up a mission which situates learning and learners at the centre of every the college work. Managers position and frequently examine realistic targets for development for every course. Managers work intimately with local companies to guarantee that the set of courses and modes and times of proviso meet local requirements. Management and Leadership are satisfactory in the college. Course groups work healthy collectively to support their learners with clear and shared focus on rising rate of success. Every course has their own challenging targets, but employees do not always completely own or recognize these... This essay stresses that the interview was conducted on April 2nd at 1.30 pm. The interviewee was Eamonn Egan, interim vice principal, curriculum and standards, and previously he was the head of learner services. The interview was done by Farrah Riaz. The duration of this interview was 17 mins 44 seconds. Many important questions were asked by the interviewer. Eamonn Egan answered the entire question clearly and appropriately. This paper makes a conclusion that the advantages are that they give the people in the department a sense of identity, and it brings together closer woring relationships. He said the new structure that is planned is to take responsibility of the development of the curriculum away from a small group of HODs and devolve it down to sixteen Learning Area Managers, so that those managers can be specialists in the curriculum areas because they are much smaller than the departments, and can take responsibility for the development of the curriculum. Emmons said there are some potential disadvantages also. For example, while the lines of responsibility are devolved to give curriculum responsibility to people nearer the ground as it were and to be specialists in fewer numbers of things and they develop themselves appropriately. It can potentially lead to a situation where nobody is in charge of something. A mission statement is just a platitude and what makes a good mission statement for me is one that contains words that express the values and feelings one wants the institute to have, and so ours is a poor mission statement in my mind.

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Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the Essay

Drawing on examples of ethnographic studies, critically evaluate the main strengths and limitations of this research method - Essay Example The deployment of ethnography as a method to capture the realm of culture enables the researcher to dissect even the most subtle meanings associated with actions and interactions that often take place within that respective realm. It focuses on observation of specific actions and interactions within specific and natural settings rather relying solely on data collected through different external methods (Tuckman 1999). It helps to make sense of the deeper meanings that are motivated both from historical and political corner points and which rule the ruse in the daily lives. It also enables the researcher to simultaneously participate in the daily lives as well as to keep distance from the same in order to make sense of the subjective meanings attached to the actions by the subjects (Geertz 1995). In this paper I shall attempt to provide a critical overview of ethnographic research with regard to the possibilities it offer in social research. I have basically attempted to club the meri ts, demerits and instances of ethnographic research in singular edifice in the form of this paper. Thus I have attempted to draw from specific works in order to understand the relevance of the advantages and disadvantages and how the latter are overcome and through what additional methods. Being inductive in nature than deductive ethnographic research is more flexible and reserves sufficient room to incorporate elements that are difficult to manage and control and that emerge, even spontaneously, during the course of the study. The most significant use of making ethnographic analysis is that it helps the researcher to closely observe and understand the internal dynamics of the local daily lives in the cultural locale being studied. The use of observation and interviews in ethnography helps the researcher to stick to the natural settings (Wilson 1977). The opportunities for the researcher to observe the behaviour and human relations, actions and interactions within their usual enviro nment helps the researcher to â€Å"contextualize† her research (Brewer 2004: 154); it also plays a crucial role in the very process of laying foundation for the particular research. Gay and Airasian, during the course of their study about educational research generally in the European context, observes that â€Å"in ethnographic research, as opposed to other forms of social researches, hypothesis is formed after the initial phase of field visits, observation and so on† (25). This is a very crucial factor since it keeps the researcher away from any form of preoccupations about the research as such and the research questions and widens the scope of the project. In addition to the above this contextual specificity saves the researcher a great deal from generalizing the outcomes of the specific research. According to Pawson (1999), as a result of the constant interaction with subjects in their usual settings, there are constant and unexpected twists and turns in the ethno graphic research which prevent it from becoming â€Å"a neat series of sequential stages† (32). Thus ethnography could better be understood as incorporating great amounts of flexibility incorporating a â€Å"multiple series of actions in a rather flexible manner† (Ibid 33). While this remains so the question of research design occupies an important place in this research framework and ordering the research in a systematic

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Induction Process Of Food Manufacturing Company Management Essay

Induction Process Of Food Manufacturing Company Management Essay This Research proposal focuses on the induction process of food manufacturing company that require changes in existing induction programme to improve the work quality, company performance, ethics and new academic  staff and the role of their head of department  . The research also focuses on the view of the staffs on the existing arrangements of induction. So the appropriate research chosen is survey based. Respondents reflected on personal  experiences and their narratives from existing employees would give a fine-grained  account of the same event. This proposal would observe the factors which affect staff motivation and job satisfaction and also explores previous theories of motivation. Open minded structured questionnaires were formed in the proposal to understand how to improve the quality of induction programme. Results may emphasise the importance of the management style of the manger particularly when it comes to factors such as lack of appreciation, poor communication and training. To complete this proposal I have make assumptions from the articles that related to my questions. This proposal provides clear information about the importance of induction to get better performance from the staffs in the particular food manufacturing company. Contextualisation The orientation programme should be forced to bring up to date with respect to a noticeable modification in various internal and external environment of the organisation. There are a few significant changes in the organisation, recently expanded 2 new units in addition with the existing one and also planning to put new changes as per the current trends in the market. The change in companys structure is one of the reasons to reassess the present induction method. The organisation plans to employ more staffs to work in recently developed, 2 new units such as technology based unit and recycling unit while the other functions of the firms remains same. To get expected results the induction program should be adapted to modern ways. It is expected to bring new employee training programmes includes general information about technology, recycling process, the new job descriptions, company culture, and company history. Literature review This research brings out important basic processes and approaches for the firms induction procedures with a guide for official induction course. Employee induction and socializations programs are a key aspect of ensure employees are successful in accomplishing their goals. The HR department or other persons who is supervise over new employees should run through the most important points with each individual or, when larger numbers are being taken on, with groups of people. The new requirements of professional, other individuals, agreed upon that some of the old fashion methods of management are clearly not adequate in modern world The orientation program would benefit the new employees to settle down into the organisation very quickly and become more inventive and competent members of staff within a short period of time. Induction would help the employees to restructure the workload and it will boost the competence of the work  and would be time saving.  Similarly the employees would have fewer liabilities on them after the training programme and they would be able to accomplish their objectives in time. The work rate and competence of the employees will be increased (Human Resource Solutions, Online). All organisations are legally liable for health and safety of their workforce. A high standard health and safety induction for all employees including newcomers will help to meet organisations responsibility. Organisation must inform their employees preferably on the first day about fire and safety procedures and what to do if the fire alarm goes up. If there are particular hazards, in the factory or on the building site, organisation must ensure that new workers are made aware of them and what precautions need to be taken (Anon, Online). This study has explained the conceptual area of new employee orientation programs. Researchers say that the employee orientation programs are distinguished from socialization, psychological contracts, induction, and pragmatic job previews (Wanous Reichers, 2000). Three somewhat diverse areas of academic research are used to develop a framework for the design and study of new employee orientation programs: (a) stress theory/coping methods, (b) attitude theory/change methods, (c) realistic job previews theory/methods (Wanous Reichers, 2000). The new study on newcomer orientation program should be helped by a clear definition of the conceptual domain, borrow liberally from related areas of inquiry, be conducted in field settings, and use experimental designs (Wanous Reichers, 2000). It is a legal requirement for organisations to provide their employees  a printed declaration of terms and conditions of work excluding for those employees who will be working for less than one month. During the induction process organisation should give information of issues such as hours of work that includes breaks, procedures of holidays and sick, grievance and disciplinary formalities (Business Link, Online). Proposed Methodology The study is mainly based on both Primary research methods and empirical research methods; the term empiricism is used in a number of different ways, but two stand out. First, it is used to denote a general approach to the study of reality that suggests that only knowledge gained through experience and the senses is acceptable. In other words, this position means that ideas must be subjected to the rigours of testing before they can be considered knowledge. The second meaning of the term is related to this and refers to a belief that the accumulation of facts is a legitimate goal in its own right. It is the second meaning that is sometimes referred to as naÃÆ' ¯ve empiricism. (Bryman A and Bell E, p-9 2003) The primary research has been planned to conduct through structured interview from the basis of the secondary research literature review analysis on data available from the records in organisation. An important phase in the collection of data is the selection of units to which the data relate.(Bryman, 1989). Data will be collected through interviews and questioners. All employees including top level and bottom line and HRM will be selected to this process. Structured Questionnaires will be provided to the related subject matter. Secondary sources of informations relating to induction process will be collected through online, like government published details and surveys will be looked. Details of the current changes in HRM and induction process will be taken from latest news paper articles and journals published. The primary data will be collected through interviews with all the employees in the organisation and passing on the questionnaires to them. The questionnaire is prepared with help of Business research methods by Bryman A and Bell E, (pp-155-174, 2003) one of the most significant considerations for many researchers is whether to ask a question in an open or closed format. With an open question respondents are asked a question and can reply however they wish. With a closed question they are presented with a set of fixed alternatives from which they have to choose an appropriate answer (Bryman A and Bell E, pp-156, 2003) Pilot Method Some of the sample questionnaires are given below Objectives of Orientation Rating For the organisation Organisations induction process gives an understanding about the history of the company and its products Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Part of induction contains communicating and accumulating guidance on policies and procedures such as health safety, holidays, sick, performance, sales etc Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree It involves set up work goals: department and company objectives Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree For the job Let the beginners to meet up colleagues with whom they will be working together Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Induction provides appropriate guidance to facilitate the post holder to perform their duties Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Induction allows the post holder to realize their job details and how they suit within the frame work of the company Strongly disagree Disagree unsure Strongly agree Agree Source: Scribd, A questionnaire on new employee induction The motives behind above mentioned questions are because these questionnaires should help to find out the views of the employees about their job and company as well. It will also help to find out what changes has to be implement in the induction process of newcomers and existing employees To shape the plan of the research to be carried out, most important is to heap up some qualitative data on the company, the human resource department and the functions of it. This initial data collection can make able to collect information on the existing recruitment and training on various departments. It brings out a clear cut idea about the employees and the functions. As a part of research it is very essential to get in touch with the HRM to discuss about the research. To collect the secondary datas a meeting should be arranged with the top level managers and interview them and collect details about the employees. It is necessary to meet up the employees individually as much as I can and conduct a one to one discussion with them. Its the difficult part of the research because this may take a long and the employees should be at work or may be their break. The questionnaire is prepared and circulated among the employees randomly. Final part of the research is to distribute the questionnaires among the employees with the help of HRM and the line mangers and ask the employees to record their opinion that asked in the questionnaire and no need to mention their identity. Time Table Prepare proposal by 22 January Complete literature review by 25 January Complete fieldwork by 18 Feb Complete analysis by 21 Feb Complete final Proposal by 26 Feb Discussion of Limitations and improvements: The structured interview is the most accessible process for this research but the important thing is it has to be reached to a very large group. To get through a large group it is very vital to follow survey questionnaire, which has no possibility of getting senior employees valuable suggestions. This structured interview can be better to be printed and distributed to the large numbers. It is very hard to sample the qualitative data. Managing these feedback and analysing, will be a gigantic and tricky task. It will be a mass data as per the number of interview increases. But a questioner survey can cut down this effort By being in the organization for only 2-3 hours a week for 5 6 weeks, there are some hurdles to overcome such as it would be very difficult to meet various department employees they are working in different shifts. Being a visitor may also have some limits as well. The time to fill the questionnaires and sending back to me by employer and managers might take some time. Another possible limitation would be time consuming for the interviewers to administrator. Interviewers are likely to talk for longer than is usually the case with a comparable closed question and the organisation contains around 500 employees to meet all employees within six week is not possible because they are all work in different shifts some employees may be in their holidays. The possible improvement would be a wider literature review is needed. More and more articles and journals related to the topic should be found out for the research and always kept updated.

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Personality Determinants Essay

Heredity refers to those factors that were determined at conception. Physical structure, facial attractiveness, gender, temperament, muscle composition and reflexes, energy level, and biological rhythms are characteristics that are generally considered to be either completely or substantially influenced by who your parents were, that is by their biological, physiological and inherent psychological makeup. The environmental factors that exert pressures on our personality formation are the culture in which we are raised, our early conditioning, the norms among our family, friends and social groups, and other influences that we experience. The environment to which we are exposed plays a substantial role in shaping our personalities A third factor, the situation, influences the effects of heredity and environment on personality. An individual’s personality although generally stable and consistent, does change in different situations. The varying demand of different situation calls forth different aspects of one’s personality. We should not therefore look upon personality patterns in isolation. Subconscious Programming Most of us sometimes get programmed / conditioned by a wrong messages that â€Å" do not do that†, â€Å"don’t take the risk†, â€Å"you cannot do that† you are not good in †¦and so on†¦.. You can imagine the bad effect such message can have on any person. Our Conscious Mind is like a watch man. And the Subconscious Mind is a store of all the previously programmed or conditioned information / knowledge/ believes. Now programming personality means putting positive believes/ information into the store without the knowledge of the watchman (conscious mind). Suppose you tell yourself that â€Å"you are good at Public Speaking†. And the store has stored based on peoples comments and experience that â€Å"you are poor in communication† â€Å"you cannot speak well in public†, â€Å"you don’t have an impressive body language† †¦.. The watch man sees your sentence and compares it with the knowledge in its store and says â€Å"this information is wrong†. The watchman throws the new information away. He does not allow the new positive information into the store. This is the fundamental difficulty in changing personality & behavior of a person. Now the question is how and when we could program our mind for positive personality trait without the obstruction of watchman†¦ The answer is we can program our mind for positive personality traits during the Twilight period just before sleeping and just before waking up. This is the time when the conscious mind is active enough to generate the positive traits for entering into store but inactive to judge/compare and will not obstruct to the positive traits to enter into the subconscious store house. Reinforced Programming / Conscious Programming Autosuggestion and Repetition of the positive traits despite negative response from comparison with the store house also gives success in programming for personality traits. Auto-suggestion is a statement made in the present tense, of the kind of person you want to be. Auto-suggestion are like a commercial about â€Å"Super You†, or â€Å"Future Super You† for yourself what you want to be or achieve. They influence both your conscious and subconscious mind in the long run shaping your personality and attitude. Auto-suggestions are the conscious way to programme the subconscious mind for positive traits. It is the effective method of voluntary development of positive traits and attitudes. Auto-suggestion should be mixed with emotions. All such reinforced / conscious programming which have been emotionalized (giving feeling) and mixed with applied faith, begin immediately to translate themselves into physical or real equivalent. Auto-suggestive thoughts which are mixed with any of the feeling of emotions constitute a â€Å"psycho-magnetic† force which attracts other similar or related thoughts. Our subconscious mind resembling a fertile garden spot, in which weeds will grow in abundance if you the seeds of more desirable crops are not sown therein. Auto-suggestion is the agency of control through which an individual can voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of creative/ positive nature or by neglect permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their way into the rich garden of mind. So Caution should be taken while programming your mind for positive traits only. Defensive Approach One of this type of approach is protest or deny the negative traits at it’s very beginning of the entering in the subconscious store. And the second is to consciously avoid this type of environment or situation. In real life situation it is very difficult because it may lead to confrontation and argument or Inaction. Another problem in this is that most of us have some negative traits previously in our store house due to our past experience and conditioning. Imaginary Anchoring or Invisible Counseling Committee While watching a picture we anchor the Hero, placing ourselves in place of hero. Similarly we can anchor Great men in imagination and let them shape our personality. Another is the Invisible Counseling Committee comprising of great personalities of your choice. We can counsel from these great minds at times or situation. What decision or action he would have been taken in my situation.. Winston Churchill the war time British Prime Minister was following this principle. He had his Imaginary Counseling Committee by the side of his Chamber. Many great decisions he used to take by following these principles. Physical Action / Body Language Approach In general it is the positive practice or experiencing desired traits whether the desired perfection achieved or not. It is generally said that our personality traits control our body language. But it is a fact that the reverse is also true. This meanswe can change our negative traits towards positive traits by consciously practicing the body language for positive traits. Domino-effect. Direct exposure to good personalities or environment Here the direct environment is the driving force in shaping the personalities. When one constantly remains in direct contact with great personalities will enriches his own to be the one. Similarly the organization culture and structure also many times influences ones personality. Sometimes it is the guiding principle for job satisfaction / recruitment.

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Alaska Airlines 3

It was a critical time for Alaska Airlines, and they never encountered such a challenge and crisis in the company's existence. Flight 261 had crashed killing 88 people on board; while the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was reporting that the potential cause of the crash was due to a lack of regular airplane maintenance. Most detrimental to the airline was the media published a letter from 64 Alaska Airlines mechanics. The letter disclosed insider information regarding a base maintenance manager’s inappropriate activities of contradicting federal aviation regulations, leading to dangerous operations.This letter also built more evidence that it was Alaska Airlines’ negligence that resulted in the tragedy. In addition to the maintenance crew, the pilots posted a message on the union’s website complaining about the â€Å"misconduct† of Alaska Airlines. It was apparent that pilots, a integral assets for an airline company, did not trust corporate m anagement. Alaska Airlines had been run for 70 years and had climbed in status during the 1990s, if the company could not promptly and appropriately handle this crisis, its reputation could be destroyed.It was time to test Alaska Airline’s capability of handling crisis management, management system and labor relations. Alaska Airline, a veteran in the industry, would have to deal with the public scrutiny as they sorted through the government investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash. In the transportation industry, unions are common which made handling this crisis more difficult. The difficulty is due to every move or conversation the airlines make are out for the public to view and criticize. â€Å"Airing the dirty laundry† of Alaska Airlines was an extremely embarrassing situation .Management could not support the criticisms for fear of completely destroying their reputation. However, those criticizing the company were employees and knew firsthand what was happening. In the end, the company has to acknowledge the mismanagement of corporate management team. This spelled trouble for the airline. However, if everything was handled properly, there were still some possible solutions that would be helpful to the airline. If I were Mr. Hamel, I would communicate with the union panel members immediately.Although there were 64 mechanics participating in the complaint, the decisive power and attitude was in the announcement of the union. If the union sends a clear message to the public to criticize Alaska Airlines, it would lead to unpredictable damage to the future of the company. However, if the union spoke cautiously about the letter, it could help alleviate some of the negative press about the airline. Alaska Airlines should address the union so they understand that this was an individual case and not how the company runs its day to day operations.The airline would want the union to allow them to address the issue with the public and en sure safer operations in the future. If the union works with Alaska Airlines, they will secure a valuable opportunity to win back their reputation, investigate the issue and restructure its management. Hamel would try his hardest to persuade the union that this was a win-win solution for the union and Alaska Airlines. Second, Hamel needs to set up a joint investigate panel with the union leaders to investigate the complaints thoroughly.If the contents of the complaint were true, that manager should be held accountable. Holding managers accountable proves to the employees that the company does not tolerate unethical management practices. This should help the employees gain a little more trust into management, knowing that their voices are heard. Then, based on the issue, the investigation could be extended to a broader range to any areas concerning safety. Hamel again should address the union to get cooperation from them.The union needs to see that the airline is taking responsibilit y for their actions and that will regain some confidence from the union and employees. Considering the power of unions in any industry, it is risky for a company to address sensitive issues without union support. Lastly, Hamel should establish regular communication and develop a problem-solving system that keeps the union in touch with their labor style. It would be in the best interest of the Alaska Airlines to work with union from this point on so any conflicts that may arise are more likely to be worked out privately.In today's society all companies are trying to motivate employees to participate in corporate matters and contribute more opinions and ideas. Labor unions can be viewed positively when they help unite the employees and the corporation. The key is how to cooperate with the union and treat it as a resource to develop the business but not a hindrance to the company. By means of tackling this issue strategically, companies can dramatically unite and motivate their employ ees and finally create a long term win-win situation.